Author Topic: "New" single mission: Trail of Light  (Read 1687 times)

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"New" single mission: Trail of Light
Actually a re-release of a mission that predates the Source Code Project by a few months.  Kept true to the original, the only thing that changed was how score is kept. 

Speaking of which, if anyone wants their name on the score list at the end of the mission let me know what you got and what ship you flew.  I'll try to put it up for the DVD release.  Screenshot not necessary.  Just unzip the single .vp file to your TBP directory and in-game it should show up in the single missions area of the Tech Room.

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Re: "New" single mission: Trail of Light
Cool, I remember this from R2. :yes:
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Re: "New" single mission: Trail of Light
DL LInk ?