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DoomsDay Multiplayer Coop Mission Story :=)
Hi everyone ,

I was in the area so I decided to drop by in order to keep my word . So what is it all about ? I am here to tell you a little story about one great mission conducted by good pilots . First , because there is always a start for everything, the settings . It was aroud 12 to 01 GMT when we begin our coop mission , designation Doomsday . Five pilots were playing it if I remember correctly . There was AMT , Pao , Surfernight , ZuluEcho14 and me . I was the one hosting the multiplayer server and the one to choose Doomsday . This particular mission let's you play the role of the great Shivans and the Objective of the mission was simple : Destroy all the Intruders in Shivan's Territory . Meaning all the Terrans & Vasudans . My first thought before beginning were something like "It' will be a piece of cake , Shivans are always the best in this game . " So I decided to upgrade the difficulty level to Medium and let the respawn number to max -> 15 for this mission . Just a precautionary measure , right just in case ... God and my Squadmates know how it was later useful because the so-called "piece of cake" would be rename "Hell" . After the briefing , you are introduced to your fighter and your only choice are Maras . At this point nothing too much out of the ordinary .

Mission Start then 10 seconds after you arrive two Vasudans Corvettes jump in . "Insert Scream Here" ^^ . We battle hard together , we are outnumbered and outgunned for the first few minutes . Some of us try to reach the Corvettes without being pulverised to dust by the anti-fighters beams of each one and the others are toying around with the escort . You can easily say that this is not easy by the turn of events . A Shivan Capital Ship jump in to help us but can't even destroy one of them before going down under the two combined beams from different directions . One of our hope vanished into the void of space like a light being put out . But we resisted and in the process we died three to five times. We managed to disarm partially and disable the two Corvettes before a Vasudan Hatshepsut Destroyer came . One of the Corvette was alone too far away of the jump node so we aggro this one and destroy it . At this moment of the game , two of our Squadmates were gone MIA . Eventually only three of us were still fighting for their lives . I forgot to mention that we have at least 4 IA squadmates plus a wing of Seraphim bombers as reinforcements but still it was not enough . Flaks gun , Lasers , Beams from the Destroyers still filling up your screen and ha don't forget one or two fighters chasings you on your Six for each one of us . Given that we were Three Squads of Four Fighters you can do the math by yourself and see that you were never safe anywhere .The only solution was to try to evade everything . But how do we accomplish the mission then ? Just try and die enough time to do what you have to do flawlesly ;=) . The Seraphims with our help destroyed the remaining Corvette . I tought "Yes , one more and we are done here ." We chose to disarm first the Destroyer . Right in time because a Ravana stop by and a fierce battle begin . But like the last time we lost the Ravana and the Hatshepsut was down too . I was relieved because there was only ennemy fighters around but not for long .

This time , it was the Terran who shows up . First one Aeolus class Cruiser and a Leviathan . It was feasible but we suffer and lost more lives . After we destroyed them two Deimos class Corvettes pick up the fight . Like before we died disarming , disabling , and protecting ourselves altogether from all the threats . We were really tired but we can't give up when we are still alive because Hope held our hands . Yeah ! we have done it , goodbye Terran Corvettes . And now the fearsome Hecate Destroyer decide to take revenge for his fallen comrades . It was the one too much that decided of our fate . We done our best to finish the job as Shivans Warriors but eventually Hope fled from us and so does our life . We were torn apart , all three of us . So we decided to stop the mission .

I think our face expression would have been funny to see somehow . I was not expecting this level of resistance , neither did my brothers in arms Surfernight and Pao . We were exhausted after an intense battle of 43 min where our focus was at his limit . The Outcome of this mission was approximately 43 min of battle with each of us with 16 confirmed kills and at best 17 plus more or less 5 assists kills for a mission score of around 4 to 6 hundreds . It was really hard , tiring but it was a hell of a good mission . In conclusion I would like to thank the author of this custom FRED mission . We were all grateful and have enjoyed very much this mission . It was a "bit" harsh but overall it was a good FREDed Multiplayer Coop Mission . It will really push you to your limits , great stamina/endurance is requirend if you wish to do this Doomsday . The only drawback was not coming from the mission but from our numbers . From five to three people eventually , we were not enough to really stand a chance against these multiples wawes of fighters , bombers , cruisers , corvettes and destroyers . The ideal situation to enjoy it as a whole and not be too tired would be to have all teammates humans .

So maybe next time would anyone as a team  be up to the challenge ? :=)
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Re: DoomsDay Multiplayer Coop Mission Story :=)
Sounds like a tough mission!
You get one chocolate chip.

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Re: DoomsDay Multiplayer Coop Mission Story :=)
We should try it this weekend.
Gettin' back to dodgin' lasers.