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Crash when starting campane
TBP Crashes when I start the second part of Fortune Hunter. Right when the spider ship fires it weapon at something in the little movie. Is there something that can be done to fix it? Also when I exit the game my gamma for my desktop is messed up. Almost like I turned the gamma up too far.



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Re: Crash when starting campane
Are you using the Inferno build to play FH?  It's required for that campaign.

I've seen the gamma do that from time to time as well.  It seems driver or video card specific.  I was able to work around it with a setting in the control center for one of my ATI cards.   The other cards I have don't seem to have the problem.
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Re: Crash when starting campane
the problem is known and there is a fix in the FortuneHunters thread page1:,52151.0.html
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Re: Crash when starting campane