Author Topic: Super Metroid. . The best Snes game ever made.  (Read 2287 times)

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Re: Super Metroid. . The best Snes game ever made.
No doubt Echoes would have enjoyed a much better reception if it had come first. Unfortuantly, the name is all too apt (IMHO, ofcourse).  :)

Haven't played it for a long time but I got into the habit of just playing the opening Prime sequence, turning it off when Seamus sets off after Ridley. I think a strong opening sequence is a Metroid hallmark.


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Re: Super Metroid. . The best Snes game ever made.
Thank you, Virtual Console. I agree, Super Metroid is an excellent game. It's also surprisingly hard: most bosses nowadays take a single fight to defeat, and if you lose more than once there's something wrong with you. So the Ridley fight was impressive.

But I'm afraid I can't speak for the original itself. Why, for God's sake, would the game just ASSUME you have 30 health every time you load? Why? There's no reason for that to happen! I mean, I know it's supposed to be hard, but that's just vindictive!
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Re: Super Metroid. . The best Snes game ever made.
Where do you think the term "Nintendo Hard" came from?  :D

That's why, in the original Metroid, I'd always leave an easily accessible Energy Tank un-picked up. Helps tremendously when entering Tourian.
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Re: Super Metroid. . The best Snes game ever made.
Yes Tourian. . .
*remembers "Junior coming to mummys rescue" :(