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RELEASE - Chasing Demons
The other day I had an idea for a mini campaign, which is centered around how the Phoenicia (Hecate destroyer that barely survived the Sathanas blockade) started out as an Orion, clearing out Shivan presence in what will probably be Alpha Centauri (Ill need some help on this one though, my knowledge of nodes and systems isnt so deep that I know where all Shivans are during FS2).  Now, dont ask me why it started out as an Orion, if not for the fact that I like Orions more than Hecates  :p

Anyway, this is one of my first serious missions, and before continuing on I would like some imput on the idea/how well I did on this mission:

Chasing Demons.fs2

Notes: -With so much action going on, I could have done with less messaging I know  :nervous:.
-The Ramarea was supposed to be a Ravana originally, but the engine subsystem placement on Ravana's is screwed up for me, but I think a Demon worked out better.
-I dont know how to get directives to go away, so unless you see the destroy main beam objective in messages, you might miss it.
-This will most likely be the first mission of the campaign, so I need a command briefing.
-Id very much like some constructive criticism on this mission, including what system this should take place in, as well as if I should make the Phoenicia a Hecate or keep it an Orion (this will determine what happens later in the campaign, as obviously if its an Orion it will get pwned later on  :nod:)

Ok, I need to stop talking.  Thanks for the time!

Re: RELEASE - Chasing Demons
Sorry, double post, but In my haste to put last minute touches on the mission I forgot to actually put text in one of the mission messages from the Corvette, Cyclone.  It should say Roger that, departing instead of <put description here>  :lol: of my friends played it and he has encountered something weird.  One of the ships will ram into another, killing itself and breaking the flow for the rest of the mission.  I have no idea why this happens, as I just playtested it 4 additional times and it never occured once.

IMPORTANT EDIT: I developed and tested this mission on Hard, so that might be the problem...


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Re: RELEASE - Chasing Demons
The Phoenicia should be a Hecate for sure.