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Re: Horrifying lines of code
That's amazing. :lol:



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Re: Horrifying lines of code
The horrifying part is that the sauce is required for the clients in multiplayer but never defined if a standalone is running.  That = crash for any nebula mission.
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Re: Horrifying lines of code
Yeah I'd seen that one before but decided it was too spicy for me to touch. :p
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Re: Horrifying lines of code
I nominate this for the 2 hours of confusion it caused me (my dumb assumption too :P )
Code: [Select]
//WMC - pilot files don't support different numbers of medals
Assert(Num_medals == MAX_MEDALS);
for (i=0; i<Num_medals; i++){
cfwrite_int(stats->medals[i], file);

cfwrite_int(0, file);

It only writes MAX_MEDALS*4 bytes, not MAX_MEDALS*2*4 as I initially read it.
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Re: Horrifying lines of code
Code: [Select]
// Copyright ©2010 Erik McClure

#ifndef __FUNCTOR_H__
#define __FUNCTOR_H__

namespace bss_util {
#define __EMPTY
#define __FUNCTOR(name, treturn, rt, argsdef, args, argsval) struct name##_base \
  { \
    virtual ~##name##_base() {} \
    virtual treturn __fastcall Call(args)const =0; \
    inline virtual name##_base* __fastcall Clone() const=0; \
    treturn operator()(args) const { rt Call(argsval); } \
  }; \
  template<class T> \
  struct name : name##_base \
  { \
    name(T* source, treturn (__fastcall T::*funcptr)(argsdef)) : _funcptr(funcptr), _source(source) {} \
    virtual treturn __fastcall Call(args) const { rt (_source->*_funcptr)(argsval); } \
    inline virtual name##<T>* __fastcall Clone() const { return new name##<T>(*this); } \
  protected: \
    T* _source; \
    treturn (__fastcall T::*_funcptr)(argsdef); \

#define __FUNCTOR0(name,treturn, rt) __FUNCTOR(name,treturn, rt, void, void, __EMPTY)
#define FUNCTOR0(name,treturn) __FUNCTOR0(name, treturn, return)
#define FUNCTOR0V(name) __FUNCTOR0(name, void, __EMPTY)

#define __FUNCTOR_COMBINE(p1,p2) p1##,##p2

#define __FUNCTOR1(name,treturn, rt, arg1type, arg1name) __FUNCTOR(name,treturn, rt, arg1type, arg1type arg1name, arg1name)
#define FUNCTOR1(name,treturn, arg1type) __FUNCTOR1(name, treturn, return, arg1type, arg1)
#define FUNCTOR1V(name,arg1type) __FUNCTOR1(name, void, __EMPTY, arg1type, arg1)

#define __FUNCTOR2(name,treturn, rt, arg1type, arg1name, arg2type, arg2name) __FUNCTOR(name,treturn, rt, __FUNCTOR_COMBINE(arg1type,arg2type), __FUNCTOR_COMBINE(arg1type arg1name,arg2type arg2name), __FUNCTOR_COMBINE(arg1name,arg2name))
#define FUNCTOR2(name,treturn, arg1type, arg2type) __FUNCTOR2(name, treturn, return, arg1type, arg1, arg2type, arg2)
#define FUNCTOR2V(name,arg1type,arg2type) __FUNCTOR2(name, void, __EMPTY, arg1type, arg1, arg2type, arg2)

#define __FUNCTOR3(name,treturn, rt, arg1type, arg1name, arg2type, arg2name, arg3type, arg3name) __FUNCTOR(name,treturn, rt, __FUNCTOR_COMBINE(__FUNCTOR_COMBINE(arg1type,arg2type),arg3type), __FUNCTOR_COMBINE(__FUNCTOR_COMBINE(arg1type arg1name,arg2type arg2name), arg3type arg3name), __FUNCTOR_COMBINE(__FUNCTOR_COMBINE(arg1name,arg2name),arg3name))
#define FUNCTOR3(name,treturn, arg1type, arg2type, arg3type) __FUNCTOR3(name, treturn, return, arg1type, arg1, arg2type, arg2, arg3type, arg3)
#define FUNCTOR3V(name,arg1type,arg2type,arg3type) __FUNCTOR3(name, void, __EMPTY, arg1type, arg1, arg2type, arg2, arg3type, arg3)

//If you go up to 4 the compiler starts having issues with all the defines

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Re: Horrifying lines of code

I have an unhealthy obsession with metaprogramming

What. The frak.