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Re: The Quest for Lost Data
Hey all!  :p

Well, it's been 10 years since FreeSpace first came out, and many of us have remained proud players for all those years (myself included).  HLP is pretty much the only remaining lighthouse left for this game's solid community, thanks to Setekh and Kalfireth.  I found the HLPBB movie script hilarious, loved campaigns like Blue Planet and Transcend (@ Ransom Arceihn – I absolutely adore your vox acting in Derelict and I hope your real-life experiences with duct tape have been much more optimistic  :lol:), and when I'm finally old enough to buy stuff online for myself, I'm totally shopping at the HLP Store (yay Galemp).   

BUT right now I'm working on some FS2 fanfiction, perhaps to become a webcomic if I can polish my art skills well enough or collaborate with someone, but I'm lacking important base resources simply because they aren't there anymore! Does anyone know what happened to...

The FreeSpace 2 Official Website - I find it very puzzling how this site went offline, and more so, offline before the Descent: FreeSpace site.  It had downloads for music, wallpaper, screenshots and concept art, and other interesting goodies. - This website was amazing, with a very simple layout, but was loaded with artwork for all three species, the giant wallpapers, and some other stuff I can't remember because it's been unaccessible for so long.  Thanks to the different Vasudan shots, I learned to draw that species.  Now I want to draw Shivans but the pictures are just...gone... So if this site doesn't come back, does anyone know where I can get these old documents?

Anyway, I get upset sometimes at these missing resources because it just shows how on the Internet, you can't take things for granted.  :sigh:

Thanks.  :D

Look up: the FS1 website is here: The one provided above is just junk.

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Re: The Quest for Lost Data
There is a load of old mods on

There is also some mods on
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