Author Topic: Galactic Civilizations II - FreeSpace MODs?  (Read 1185 times)

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Galactic Civilizations II - FreeSpace MODs?
Are there any FreeSpace mods for this other than the FreeSpace logos?
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Re: Galactic Civilizations II - FreeSpace MODs?
Searching the there aren´t any. You could try your luck on I-Mod Productions, just google for it. If you want a complete Freespace Mod for Galciv 2, try´s very easy to do and doesn´t take much time. If you find some Guys that help you, or you decide to do it alone, I could help you out, since I also made a pretty big Mod for Galciv 2.

You could use this Mod as an Example and then just change the Pictures and XML-Descriptions. I also made a complete Starmap with Galciv2IDE, featuring pretty much the same Names, as used in Freespace Universe.

Here the Tools you´ll need...

MicrosoftActiveXTool (not sure about this Tool, it´s used for the UI modding)
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