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The Apocalypse Project needs YOU!
The Apocalypse Project's basic idea is to bring the Homeworld universe to the FSO engine, showing the perspective of pilots of the smallest craft, not of the commanders who control entire fleets. The project started some six and a half years ago, and so far... the current team has accomplished much more than all previous teams together. However, to ensure that we can actually deliver the goods, so to say, we need more people. 

  • Modellers, with experience with remodelling ships
  • Texture artists with experience in creating Diffuse, Specular, Glow and Normal maps
  • Animated Effects artists who are familiar with the basic animation structure of the FSO engine
  • Media Artist, Creation / Editing of Videos
  • Sound Effects artist with experience making or remaking explosion sounds, thruster sounds and so on...
  • Music composers with experience creating atmospheric music

All who are interested send a PM to pecenipicek here or email me at [email protected] with examples of your previous work.
To those who will apply, please, do know that there is going to be a lot of work involved, so if you're not seriously interested in this, please do not apply then.

If you're interested in dropping a word of support to us or any comments, please do it at our forums.

pecenipicek, The Apocalypse Project team leader
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The Apocalypse Project needs YOU! - recruiting info thread.