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Your most embarrasing hackfix
This is where we list the most embarrassing hacky quickfixes we've ever been forced to implement.

I'll start it with the 'looping music in VB' episode.

In essence, I was working on a project for college, and part of my design required that a tune play when the program started playing, and stopped when you did. This was, in essence, easy enough, however, it also required that if you were playing for more than a certain amount of time, the music would restart, which wasn't so easy.

Fix of the minute:

Installing a windows timer set for the duration of the music, which restarted windows Media Player every time the music finished and the game playing variable was still true, and reset itself to the length of the music when it did so.


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Re: Your most embarrasing hackfix
Don't try to tell me that not one of you has never thrown an embarassing hack in to make a program work, don't believe that for one second :p


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Re: Your most embarrasing hackfix
Most of us are still searching through our extensive records of embarrassing hacks and trying to think which one is the worst.
"Closing the Box" - a campaign in the making :nervous:

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Re: Your most embarrasing hackfix
During my current project, well, my first real one, I had different functions working together to get a graphic output, however I had to change the system so that you had a fluently scrolling camera, and not "Zelda: A link to the past" pauses between map changes.
During my first attempt, I included lots and lots of adjustments to the coordinates where sth should be drawn cause I didnt want to rewrite the code for the animations.
Result where that nearly every core graphic funktion started with lots of adjustions to the coordinates, and it totally didnt work together.
Finally, with a lot of trial and error testing I got it somehow working as long as certain functions were called in a certain order, only to realize that the performance sucked.

Now I'm telling me "learn to make it right from the start", but thats probably hopeless :>