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Hi to everyone here,

My Name is Harrison and I'm an active Simmer.

From the main website I didn't get as much information about what happens here.

If I am correct you write a story then put this story to words?

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, this seems interesting.

I specialise in voice over work and radio presentation, and this is an ideal creative environment.

check out my homepage for some audio of my talent.



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Welcome, but you dont need to double space your typing!
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Welcome, well you have come to the right place, whe soon need voice actors for TAP.
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Originally posted by Harrison

If I am correct you write a story then put this story to words?

A bit difficult to write without words... :doubt:
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Hey Harrison, welcome to HLP!!! :) :yes: It's great to have you here... and if you ask around just a little in the hosted forums, presenting your skills as voice talent, I think you'll find yourself quite busy... :nod:

Enjoy your stay here. ;)
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Originally posted by GalacticEmperor

A bit difficult to write without words... :doubt:

Haha funny guy - I did mean of course audio :p


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Mmh, usually peoples aren't that thick headed here :p
Excuise them :)
HLP is a site about modding, and is mainly focused on the game Freespace. That means people here creates new campaigns, ships, stuff like that, and some of these projects are even hosted on the site itself.
Voice recording for these campaigns is usually a difficult matter:
usually, the amount of work needed is not worth the hassle (and makes big files for d/l., that may be a pb for some).This is because usually the voice recording has to be made by the staff itself, who already have lots of  things to do, are not professionals and may not have grea acting skills.
Someone like you would then be great to do this job, as it would be your only job :)
Oh, one thing tho: there's nothing about money here, it's all fanmade, free work, and nobody could pay for that, if it's what you're aiming for.
Voila :)

Thanx or the responses.
Just to let you know I'm not in it for the money lol - so let me know how I can help you - and how.


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Great to see another member here; welcome! And as others have said, voice talent is definitely in demand around here.;)

Hi Guys,
A brief sample of my work (admittedly in radio) and not voice over work) is available at my website: take a look/listen