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The Apocalypse Project is searching for new modellers

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The Apocalypse Project is currently in urgent need of talented and dedicated modellers! As of this moment, stuff is piling up in our construction yards and the job is becoming too big for the amount of staff we have to work on ship models.

Ever wanted to be part of TAP? Are you interested in the Homeworld universe? Do you have modelling experience? Now is your chance to be part of the adventure! Our ships cannot fly without your help!

'The Apocalypse Project', or 'TAP' for short, is a fan created free modification (mod) for the game 'Freespace 2'. The idea behind this mod is to create a space combat flight simulator based in the Homeworld universe from the popular game series.

Resources :
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The Apocalypse Project needs you! (TAP forum, apply there)
TAP Forum
TAP Website
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