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That is the point, IP. :yes:
Give us Janus 1 first please  :D

Do it yourself :P. I have my own projects.
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Is there a place where I said I will do it ?
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Hi Miburo,
So you are the famous Lady Rose who wrote the FRED tutorial in FRED2 ? This was my first lesson of FRED very impressive and informative I always wonder why the writer does not present here in this forum until now I know YOU ARE LADY ROSE OMG too cool !!!!

Huh?  :nervous:
Now seriously, when I look back on this tutorial its pretty simple. FS2 retail tutorial is so much better and has much more complicated SEXPs on it and actual twist, only thing that my tutorial had really useful was mini-tutorial on making jumpgates (which became obsolent on later TBP releases). However I am happy it helped at least somebody  :D

Reason why I am here Miburo and on VWBB I was Lady Rose is long story, mainly many misunderstandings. Also why I am not really here now days is that I have retired from FS2, my time simply doesn't allow it anymore.

Back to the subject : I myself (and many people) have not had the chance to play Janus 1 yet. I tried to play it in TBP3.4 and from mission 4 it stopped working. So even if I want to help you making Janus 2 (can say I'm a junior FREDDER), the point is that I have no clue what has happened in Janus 1. Not a simple problem you know.

Now like many people in here they seem to think I want to make Janus 2 ready before patching up Janus 1. I don't know where people got such idea, but it is not quite what I planned. I want to see Janus 1 done for TBP 3.4 before anyone start on Janus 2, especially since I need to rewrite some parts of it. Story has too many encounters with notorious persons, I want to shape up it a bit and make some missions more playable actually.

miburo, for us not being able to run janus 1, do you have a detailed mission script to give us like part 2?

Nope, I do not. However isn't it possible to open original mission files in new FRED_Open? If not I have to take a look on it and post mission outlines.

Finaly those who are actually intrested on participating in this project could really contact me with PM or e-mail. I really would like to know who is or wants to be involved and on what level, thank you.
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