After getting hammered from that last post, I decided to just poll. Whos in favor of FS3? And please unlock my thread... Im not done yet

4 (33.3%)
Not me......
8 (66.7%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Voting closed: November 04, 2008, 06:29:08 am

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Ok... whos in favor of interplay persuing FS3?
If so, we better buy the FS2 for DS even if we dont have a DS... so as to show support and hopefully they will make a FS3.

Basically I dont see why anyone wouldn't want a FS3, except campaign makerrs who are worried it will make their campaigns non canon. But then to make campaigns, they must be fans of FS2, and  therefore would be in favor of FS3...
No viewing of results of poll till you voted, to avoid herd mentality. You can therefore submit a neutral vote. Vote changing allowed... but please... unless you voted neutrally, dont.

Now can you please unlock my FS3 post? I see no reason for locking it.

whoops forgot to put the neutral choice...
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except campaign makerrs who are worried it will make their campaigns non canon.
User-made campaigns are already non-canon. FS3 wouldn't change that fact in any way.

Now can you please unlock my FS3 post? I see no reason for locking it.
The point of locking your other thread was the fact that FS3 discussion isn't popular around here. And I, for one, don't see a need for FS3. Concidering that Volition most likely couldn't care less about the FS franchise anymore, there is little hope of getting FS3. And if it was made by some other faction, there's the risk of having too big changes made by people, whose views differ from Volition's.

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This has been beaten to death around here.

I'd recommend dropping the subject, or at least taking it up on the Interplay forums.
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*blows dust off this piece of old art, still cannot believe it still exists*

Truth be told, it's a very loaded issue, but honestly?.. look around you, Freespace 3 is here, it's the mods, the campaigns, the SCP, it's everything the fans could ever hope or dream it could be.

There has not been one single combat space sim released to this day that could match the honestly EPIC scale of FS2. Short of Volition actually acquiring and being given free reign to make it as they see fit by THQ, i don't see likes of an "FS3 Retail" hitting the shelves..
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FS3 would be the death of HLP, I think. The story would be finished.

By the way, I still don't see a "neutral" choice there.


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Nice picture...I'm saving that to my hard drive  :pimp:
I don't particularly want an official FS3 anymore. While i do want to know how the story would have ended, its been too long since FS2 for #3 to match up to the expectations of us fanboys (and girls, i'm sure). If the sequel were to be any good, it should have been released in 2k. If it is released now it will almost certainly become the Terminator-3 of the series.

Personally i say FS3 should be your own MOD...

eg Blue Planet: AoA and WoH (when released) comprise Darius' version of FS3
INF SCP (when released) will be the INF team's version of FS3
and so on..
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Me wants!
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FS3 would be the death of HLP, I think. The story would be finished.


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If FS3 happens, it happens, but forum rules and guidelines exist for a reason. If there is an announcement, then the matter will be perfectly open for discussion, until that point, please stick to the guidelines.


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And to clarify, I didn't lock that other thread merely because it was about "ZOMGFS3"...I locked it because it went completely off-topic in all of two posts. :p


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And this one got locked because Kara had already suggested the IronForge go to the Interplay site to discuss FS3, on here it just causes a complete mess of a thread whenever it's mentioned. :)

If IronForge wants to talk about the Freespace Universe, or even 'what happened next', I'm fine with that, if FS3 is announced then, quite obviously, it's open season, but we all know what happens when it is mentioned in here at the moment, so it's best just to lock it now, and save having to do it later.

The whole subject has been discussed to death, and until there are developments, one way or another, threads like this do nothing but attract flaming and spam.