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MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
I recently tried downloaded the 3.6.10 MediaVPs and am currently testing them with Blue Planet.
And I have good news.
The only problem I stumbled across so far was in "Forced Entry" were the Shivan Cain and Lilith cruisers didn't have any weapons and their other subsystems couldn't be targeted and the Lucifer looking rather strange because of over-excessive enviromental mapping.

And since the Orestes is about to go up against the Satanas, I guess the only possible problem till the end will be with the two super big guys arguing in the next to last mission and maybe the UEA ship in the last.

I'll post again once I'm through, or find other problems.


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Re: MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
Thanks for testing it out. I won't have access to a comp that will run the 3.6.10 mediavps till Feb so I won't be able to see how well it translates to BP till then. If anyone else runs into any problems as well, let me know.

Have you had any problems with the Lucifer forward beams or the Ravana beams in "Keepers of Hell"?


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Re: MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
There is only a little optical glitch with the Ravana beams.
The circular glow around the weapons doesn't show making them look a bit strange.
It's the same with the Lucifers forward beams, but because it's forward "arms" are thicker than the beam itself, it doesn't look strange and I didn't even notice it untill you asked.

Oh I forgot the mention in the fist post, that the Cain and Lilith worked perfectly on later missions, just not in Forced Entry.


I'm through and ran into no further problems. :)

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Re: MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
I had the cain/lilith no wepons problem too.  It fixed itself when I restarted the mission...


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Re: MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
When I had to restart the mission, because I flew directly into the path of the Ravanas beams, it didn't fix itself....


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Re: MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
Dude thats odd. I used 3.6.10 MediaVPs on a FS2 Open 3.6.10 build as well with the older 3.6.9, and there were no graphical problems. The only issue I encountered, was that when I ran the FS2 Open 3.6.10 build with the newer mediavps, it was slow as heck.


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Re: MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
Maybe the problem is related to the FS build and not the mediaVPs then.
I used the one they linked to in the "how to install" section of the MediaVP 3.6.10 Release thread and downloaded the mv_complete (and mv_music).

As to it being slow, did you experiment around with deactivating a few things? Since it was only in the experimental tab "enviromental mapping" springs to mind as the possible source of the slowdown.


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Re: MediaVPs 3.6.10 and AoA
The Lucy in the VP's was accidentally the wrong version. The patch willl/should fix it.
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