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Article No. 1 - of AMD

During CES a group of overclockers with access to liquid nitrogen and liquid helium for the extra boost of coldness cools an AMD Phenom II X4 chip to -232 degrees Celsius. Once they got the chip cooled to this frigid temperature, they pushed the clock speed all the way up to 6.5GHz, which is a world record for a quad core CPU and they dished out and astonishing 45,474 3DMark05 score!

Article No. 2 - of Intel

To put the microrefrigerator in the chip package, the engineers integrated the cooler onto a square of copper, just like the type that's already used in chip packaging to disperse heat. Usually this piece of copper is in close contact with the chip, but the researchers put the 0.4-millimeter-square cooler in between the chip and the copper. When the microrefrigerator was turned on, it cooled a localized region on the chip by about 15 °C.

Perhaps there is hope for the future, after all.

Eh....Peltiers on the chip.

Wonder exactly how much more efficient then copper they need to be at moving heat before the extra power and especially they extra heat they put off equals out.  Not to say that it's useless by any stretch, but like all refrigerators, they actually generate heat when all their outputs are considered.


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Well, you just have to find a way to dump that outside the case.
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This was at Charles (Fugger)'s party for XS. I was going to go, but I couldn't find somewhere to stay. I have a few friends that went. Anyways--truth be told, it's not THAT big of a surprise. AMD's reps in the extreme enthusiast communities had been hinting that the colder, the better for these Phenom II's. They did the LHe cooling wrong IMO. They could have done MUCH better on that aspect. When something has a boiling point of 4.2K, you don't simply pour it into an open container.
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