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So it took me 3 days, 2 really late nights (its 4 AM right now), but I finally have a stable and fully functional Document Encryptor. This application is a plugin-based encryptor that uses the rijndael encryption standard by default, but has a .h file included that details how to add additional plugins. Its written in native C++/winAPI so it should run on any windows version, but I haven't really been able to do extensive testing, so it might blow up for no apparent reason - I can post source code if anyone is interested. It also lets you associate .ef files with the executable for ease-of-use (now I know what registry entries are needed for that...)

Document Encryptor

If you ask me "how do you use this program?" I'm going to smack you :P It's like notepad, except it'll prompt you for a password every now and then.

EDIT: Update to v1.1.6
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Awesome. I'll show this to my dad. He might use it.
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