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What are the variables involved in making the starfuries glide so well as they do?

I've been playing with vanilla FSO, and I want to make a few of those ships glide like you have made the star furies, but, I dunno what I am missing.


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there is a glide toggle. Simple yes or no.
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speaking of it, the PRESIDENTIAL STARFURIES cannot glide.... That one was missed when they made the tbl....

Makes mission 3 of EACW a little more difficult :)



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Couldn't you use the regular one and texture replace it to make it look like a presidential one?
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Yes that works for non-player ships. It didn't work for the player himself, but I considered this issue minor. As the helluva pilot I am, I toast those blackomegas anyway... :D


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Texture replacement should work for any ship. Sounds like another game engine bug.
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