Author Topic: Wednesday night multiplayer 3.6.10  (Read 888 times)

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Wednesday night multiplayer 3.6.10
so here goes i would really like too play tonight and also too try and re-animate the wednesday night session ...

so if that is of interest too anyone  please post here.....

i hope to be online at around 10pm gmt ,23h cet, ifyou need me ill be in irc from about 21h gmt.....

captain custard

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Re: Wednesday night multiplayer 3.6.10
i want to be there but just cannot get the bleedin thing to work. I mean single player works fine. 3.6.9 fails to connect to fs2net. 3.6.10 gives me a opengl32 unable to get pixels error.

By the by what build of 3.6.10 are u using!!
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Re: Wednesday night multiplayer 3.6.10
Damn, that's 7am my time
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