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Gaming Profiles for Siatek?
I have done multiple searches on the forum and google and it comes up with this
Gaming Hardware profiles for Saitek X52 HOTAS Joystick and Game Commander 2 Voice Command Software.

Where is this located at in the files?  I have a Siatek X45 but I can view the X52 configuration then manually transfer it over for my Siatek X45.

Or if anyone has a X45 profile, I'm using the latest drivers so .dat files won't work, that they would be willing to share?

Thank You.

Re: Gaming Profiles for Siatek?
I've been slowly adding my configuration using the control configuration within the game.  As soon as I get a full profile done up I will add it to my site for anyone to download.  Here is what I'm playing with

Flight/Weapons will be the same buttons across the board

Mode 1 - Targeting Controls (may add Auxiliary functions as well)
Mode 2 - Energy Management (not sure if it will work but I'd like to add the Rotary 1 and 2 for this)
Mode 3 - Communications
Pinkie - Glide


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Re: Gaming Profiles for Siatek?
sorry we didn't reply yet.  Problem is, I fly full keyboard. Many others fly mouse-keyboard.

If sb who has a joystick would look in here please?
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Re: Gaming Profiles for Siatek?
No worries mate.  I just thought I would update that I will just make my own profiles and then offer them to anyone like me who has a Siatek X-45.  It will take me a few days or weeks to get a good combination tested.