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A.1 Avoid Complex Hierarchies
A.1.1 Replace Glue as Child links with Glue as Sibling links in older models
Glue as Child is functionally equivalent to Glue as Sibling, but it tends to create much deeper hierarchies. Deep hierarchies kill performance in all versions of trueSpace, so we removed Glue as Child from trueSpace altogether. If you have some models created in an older version of trueSpace that have a lot of Glue as Child links, you can improve performance significantly by ungluing them and converting them to Glue as Sibling links.

So, the philosophy over at Truesh!t (*Ahem* I mean, Truespace) is this: If we have a performance problem with a feature, remove it!



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LOL Maybe if they had better programmers, they could have optimised things instead, or maybe, you know, left it up to the person using the program?

And then they wonder why Truespace will never be considered one of the 'big' names in rendering...


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Maybe they removed the glue with child to huff it?
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Whoever they have for GUI design will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes.
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Offically approved by Ebola Virus Man :wtf:
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They're owned by Microsoft now and.......

Actually I think the rest of my point can be deduced from the first line. :p
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But I thought Microsoft's general programming philosophy was more along the lines of, "If we have a performance problem with a feature, increase its prominence!" :p


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Truespace has always sucked, though. I got the first copy a long time ago with a Diamond FireGL card many, many years back, and the last time I used it (back in 2005) it was virtually identical to then. Carrara is a little better as far as mid-range priced programs go, imho.
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inst hierarchy kind of important in a modeling program? i mean it makes no sense to remove it.

i still perfer truespace 6
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Truespace can be a bit unstable at times...  But I still prefer TS over COLLADA for importing ships into the game engine.
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ive hated truespace when i used 3.2, then 4, 6 was probibly as good as it got. then 7 was just total ****ing bloat. then i started using max and that gives you everything you need to make a model.

ive hated cob/scn files since day one. we need support for other formats. converting through other formats and other programs presents other issues. such as duplicate points. the best proggie i ever used for getting my old models into max resulted in scambled vertex normals and duplicate verts. while they went through pcs1/2 just fine still, truespace is mostly for primitive modeling, not meshing and freespace requires a mesher.
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