Author Topic: ClanCore's Starsiege 2845 - What Happened to Everyone?  (Read 1349 times)

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ClanCore's Starsiege 2845 - What Happened to Everyone?
Many a yonk ago I signed on to a forum for a fan-made sequel to Starsiege based on Tribes Vengeance. The project was called Starsiege: 2845 and after a couple of engine changes and a public Alpha release the project lead, Jake Massie (aka 'Trajan'), and Glenn Clovis (aka Tsa Rye) as well as other members of the staff decided that since Sierra/Vivendi Universal were being awful tightassed about portions of the Intellectual Property, it would be better to close the project down altogether rather than release a product that wasn't created according to their vision.

They scrapped the project and began a new total conversion based on the latest Unreal Tournament game for PC, but that was updated like, twice before all contact just vanished. The forums, which I believe were hosted by a website called MechNexus, also eventually fizzled out when the domain expired.

Now, the 2845 main site, MechNexus, and the forums are all gone, presumably when the domain for all the above expired.

I would really, really like to reconnect to some people on the ClanCore forum--I posted under the alias of "Prometheus" there. Does anybody here know where any of the old staff or forum members from that site are, or even if either ClanCore or the MechNexus is still alive somewhere? There are lots of old friends that I lost contact with when the 2845 forum coughed and died.
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Re: ClanCore's Starsiege 2845 - What Happened to Everyone?
Unfortanately, no, but you've certainly got me interested... me and Mad Bombers favorite server is going to die in a month or so  :(


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Re: ClanCore's Starsiege 2845 - What Happened to Everyone?
I'm not sure what the status on Mechnexus is, but after SS2845 was canceled the project turned into that.

Edit- Looks like Mechnexus is dead, sad really a ton of great art assets were made.
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Re: ClanCore's Starsiege 2845 - What Happened to Everyone?
They're both dead, at last count.
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