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2008-12-08 - Our Rag Tag Fleet
December 8th 2008 - Our Rag Tag Fleet

The Diaspora team is always getting asked questions about the split from BtRL. No I'm not about to reveal why we split. That one is still "creative differences" but the second most common question is "What happened to all the ships from BtRL?" Well the simple answer is most of them ended up here. Of course that answer satisfies no one so it's time to go into a little more depth about what we do and do not have.

Diaspora was originally founded on the idea that we wouldn't be using anything from BtRL that wasn't made 100% by members of Diaspora or which we weren't given permission for by the creator. Even so that still gives us a sizable chunk of the fleet of ships you'll have seen back in the BtRL days. In fact those of you who remember BtRL should notice that most of the ships you remember watching being built are either our exclusive property now or have been rebuilt already.

Firstly here are the ships we made 100% of while we were part of BtRL.

Colonial Bolitho - (Concept by Starslayer. Model and textures by DaBrain)

Armistice Station - (Model and textures by Newman)

Prometheus - (Model and textures by Newman)

Colonial Shuttle MK I - (Model and textures by Newman)

Battlestar Valkyrie - (Model and textures by Newman)

Still a WIP. Model is final. Textures are not.

Gemini Freighter - (Model and textures by Lt. Cannonfodder)

Ragnar Anchorage - (Model by Meleardil)

Cylon Tylium Refinery - (Model by Meleardil)

Resurrection ship - (Model by Meleardil)

Colonial Training Drone - (Model by Meleardil. Textures by Turmabar)

Colonial One - (Model and textures by Mr R)

Cylon Heavy Raider - (Model and textures by Mr R)

Cylon Raider (Season 4 Variant) - (Model and textures by Wildcard)

Gemenon Traveler - (Model and textures by Wildcard)

Sixpack - (Model by Ajax. Textures by Newman)

Olympic Carrier - (Model by Ajax. Textures by Scotchy)

Battlestar Pegasus - (Model and textures by Scotchy)
Version 1 is the one that has been shown publicly and isn't Diaspora's property. Before leaving BtRL Scotchy was already at work on v2. We'll have pictures of this beauty later.

Colonial Dreadstar - (Concept by Starslayer. Model by Scotchy)
No picture. Although some of you may remember seeing this one on the old BtRL website so we had to explain what happened to it.

Then we have some ships which while not 100% ours can be made so by retexturing or ditching the pilot/cockpit model, etc. These include.

Colonial Adder Training Craft - (Concept by Turambar. Model and textures by Wildcard)

Colonial Viper MK VIIe - (Concept by Starslayer. Model and textures by Wildcard)

Colonial Raptor (armed and unarmed variants) - (Model and textures by Wildcard)

"Majahual" class Mining vessel - (Model by Lt. Cannonfodder)

"Monarch" class Mining vessel - (Model by Lt. Cannonfodder)
Funnily enough this isn't the one you saw in the BtRL demo. That was actually the "Majahual" class one pretending to be the Monarch and desperately hoping no one would spot it was the wrong colour and had the wrong number of legs. We won't be making that particular mistake again. Models for both are in progress but we figured that anyone who has played the demo is already sick of the mining vessel so it's not exactly a priority. :p

Colonial Blackbird - (Model by WeatherOp (Used with permission), Textures by Wildcard)

Of course we haven't been sitting still doing nothing since we left. We've got several new ships which have been built from scratch since the split. These include

Cylon Raider - (Model and textures by Bonemonkey)
Almost done. Until it is we're just using the S4 variant in its place.

Cylon Basestar - (Model by Brand X)

Still heavily WIP. Both model and textures are just placeholders which were made in a couple of days in order to give the mission designers something to work with.

Battlestar Theseus - (Concept by Starslayer and Scotchy. Model by Meleardil)
We're keeping this one under wraps for now. It looks pretty now, but it will look prettier when we do show it off.

Colonial Viper MK II - (Model and textures by Wildcard)

Colonial Viper MK VII - (Model and textures by Mr R)

So as you can see, we have quite a fleet. The other question we get asked (almost immediately after answering the first one) is "So what ships did BtRL keep that you wanted?" That's a much shorter list. The only thing we really lack is the Galactica itself. Everything else was either a one shot deal (Like Scar's Asteroid), was something we wanted to replace anyway (like the Vipers) or was something that neither team could use since neither team can claim 100% ownership.

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