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2009-01-17 - Diaspora Trailer 1 & 2
January 17th 2009 - Trailers are fun

Took us a while but our very first trailer is now here, in celebration of the BSG being on air again. As usual, lots of sleep was lost in making this thing (also the reason why this post is so short).

You can find the video on our website:

EDIT : YouTube Link

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09-01-17 - Diaspora Trailer 1 & 2
January 17th 2009 - Why stop at one when you can have two for twice as much trouble?

Well I don't want to steal any of CannonFodder's thunder but he's not the only one posting a trailer today. Since I ended up losing a large amount of sleep taking large quantities of video for his trailer I decided to lose even more and make one of my own. And while Cannonfodder's uses an excellent piece of music from _Max_ whose work you may have already heard I decided to use a piece by Flipside whose music won't be as familiar to some of you.

Anyway, as before, trailers are on the website.

EDIT: YouTube Link
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