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2008-10-03 - Shattered Armistice Announced
October 3rd 2008 - Release Details

Now that all the FREDders are in a position where they can start making missions it's time to reveal a little about what they'll be doing.

The first release will be called Shattered Armistice (although the team will probably just keep referring to it as R1 informally). Since we're trying to get the game out for you to play as quickly as possible it will be a short (4 mission + training) campaign but pretty action packed. The story will follow the Battlestar Theseus as the crew fight against the Cylons during the attack on the Colonies. The Theseus is an older Sobek-Class Battlestar built after the end of the first war with the Cylons. In the campaign you will get to fly the Mk VII against Cylon forces including the Raider, Heavy Raider and Basestar.

Multiplayer fans will also find a lot for them in the first release. A standard set of Coop gauntlets, TvT and Dogfight (Deathmatch) missions will be included but more complex matches involving battles between Cylon and Colonial capital ships will also be available. Players will be able to fly both Colonial and Cylon fighters against each other or work as a team against AI enemies. The Raptor and Heavy Raider will also be player flyable. Work on the stand alone code is progressing nicely and we hope to have it working well before release.

Unfortunately due to the sheer amount of work that remains to be done we can't give any sensible indication of when we'll be ready to release. If we plug the gaps in our team with the people we've said we need on the recruitment thread we'll be done much more quickly than if we have to do without them. The team are committed to making regular updates however so that you can see the progress we are making.
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