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2008-10-02 - Tables and Balancing
Balancing for Diaspora is quite an effort. For one, we want to keep to the spirit of the show and be able to provide in-game equivalents to the sequences seen in Resurrection Ship, Razor, or He That Believeth in Me. At the same time, what works for cinematic quality sequences may not necessarily be the most for for multiplayer. As a wise-cracking smuggler from another deep-space franchise once said: that's the real trick, isn't it?

How can we show that a Viper MKVII is superior to a Mark Two, yet keep them balanced so that both are viable options in multiplayer? Do we give the Blackbird have kinetic energy weapons? For balancing are we going to pull an Aquinas or a Calvin when it comes to things permissible by canon? For our first release, you're going to see quite a few things not strictly in-line with the show but keeping to the spirit of the franchise. From Nessus class fighter-mounted nuclear ordinance to the disco-balls of the Casino Planet... Ermm, wait Karajorma just edited it out from the last version of the script. He also nixed the whole hot fudge planet sequence.

Rest assured, with our extrapolations from the show, you'll have days where you'll want to take a "toasterhunter" Raptor just for the sheer fun of plowing straight through enemy lines and tearing apart a target with a barrage of dumbfire rockets.

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