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2008-10-02 - On Diaspora's Soundtrack
Oct 2nd 2008

Well, now that Diaspora is public, and you are getting to see al the wonderful work being done by the artists and coders here, I thought I'd give you all a little run-in to the work being done for the music of Diaspora.

Firstly, I've been spending the last few weeks absorbing the music of BSG, and quickly realised that one of the hardest things about doing the music for this mod wouldn't be emulating a particular style, but more about finding a single style in the first place, the music to Galactica is incredibly varied in theme and style. Oddly enough this is not always an advantage.

For production, I'm using an E-MU 1212 studio card running through Cakewalk, and various analogue and sample synths, the setup is powerful, but the drum work in combat type scenarios is proving to be punishing it none the less, still, I'm hoping the outcome will be worth the effort :)

Later on, I may be posting snippets of the sort of audio work you can expect on Diaspora, most of first batch of tunes are still in post-production stage, but until then, I will simply assure you that this side will receive as much care and attention as every other part of the mod.
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