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Anyone played HOMEPLANET? Need help with a mission
Hello, I know that Homeplanet is an old game, but I recently found it in my local store.

Anyway, the game is fun but I have a brick wall that I cannon breake through. It's a mission number 4 (this game have a werd mission numeration), it's a mission at jump gate where you have to cover your fleet retreat and also (which is the biggest pain in the a**) protect gate control station (and troop transports that are near them).

Here is how this mission goes:

1) hostile bomber attack, they attack my freighters, that supose to be unimportant, however later it appear that I should cover them even if they aren't a mission objective.

2) Incoming wave of fighters (2 wings), they shouldn't be a problem, but if the freighters in point 1 are destroyed, then this wave destroy my troop transports very ofter (which cause mission fail)

3) 2 hostile troop transports with escort (wing of missile fighters) attempt to recapture gate control station.  ONE transport itself has ENOUGH armor and turrets to toast me in straight 1to1 combat and there is 2 of then in close formation, not to menting that if I even dare to come closer to them, the fighter escort will toast me with lots of missiles (they aren a big problem, but I lost too much time trying to evade them - one missile can make 3 close flyby to me before it will self destruct).

The ony resonable way to destroy them for me is to wait inside station outer structure to hide from transports and escorts guns and then shoot those damn transport, the problem is that even if I'm under station cover, fighter often mannage to lock on me and kill me with missile.

I can make it to point 4 really rarely
4) After I destroy transports and escorts, large hostile fighter and bomber force come in and fight their way through my stupid wingmans and attack my troop transports - there are simply too many of them to take down before they take down my transport.

5) ......dunno what's after coz I didn't make it.

I have a lot of wingmans but they are stupid and I can't give then any commands which make them useless.

Why those damn Russian make so hard games (I mean I like hard games, but there should be a diffrence between hard and impossible)

Anyone remember how to make it through this mission ?
Anyone know any cheats for this game (like god mode or kill traget) ?
Anyone know how to modify save file to bypass this mission ?

Help.....I'm desperate.
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Re: Anyone played HOMEPLANET? Need help with a mission
I think that's the one that I got stuck on as well :p Need a walkthrough for it. . .