Author Topic: RELEASE- The Knights of Alrukabi Teaser/Trailer  (Read 4890 times)

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Re: RELEASE- The Knights of Alrukabi Teaser/Trailer
When you quoted my post, I kept looking for what you fixed in it.
Then I realized you edited your post. :D

Ooh, so it's almost done. I'll be waiting for it then :P


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Re: RELEASE- The Knights of Alrukabi Teaser/Trailer
Hmm, the mission department is about half way through; the majority of the missions are complete but require final bugfixing.
There are some deliberations, and might take longer if the campaign is ever going to be VA'ed although it is unlikely.

TKOA's project head, Dilmah G is quite busy thoroughly testing WiH, but progress is steady.  :)

Yeah eliex got it right on, VA-ing is a VERY long process so we'll eliminate that for the moment. Even though it's a mini campaign (less than 10 missions) we're putting 100% into it to get it relatively bug-free and ironed-out by release :D
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