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I don't mean to nitpick, but a campaign that's this good really needs the tiny bits of polish to push it from excellent to godly.

Anyways, one thing that's a bit ugly is the custom starfield used in missions 12 and onwards (Vishnu systems). The thing itself is nice (if somewhat pixelated on my resolution), but there's a distinct seam that can be seen in this screen.

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Concur. We should get a better skybox for that when we do the VA re-release. The stars look kind of stretched out.

Totally agree! I was staring at that damn seam for minutes during First Contact marveling at its ugliness.


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"Temeraire, there appears to be a seam in reality a few thousand light-years distant from my position..."

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Yeah .. I've seen that.  I even tried to find a solution, but nothing really looked good.