Author Topic: FreeSpace won't connect to my server  (Read 865 times)

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FreeSpace won't connect to my server
I  may be doing something wrong so I am going to put down all the steps I've made.
1. I downloaded RC3 and moved debug and regular into my freespace folder (I'm running on mac Leopard)
2. In my multiplayer settings I have entered my pilot name and password and also entered my IP address into the given box.
Problem. When I first open up freespace, just by launching it without using the launcher, so i open up freespace and click on the main door that leads to multiplayer and it says something about a time out session of 15 secs and i hit ok, connection failed. help!
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Re: FreeSpace won't connect to my server
The IP box is for seleciting an IP address to directly connect to, not for your IP.  Try removing that.