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every ship has a weekness, and if it does not have it, then it's baddly designed for FS universe campaigns.
el hombre vicio...


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Old Wing Commander capship trick.  :)

Uh...let me see if I's been a while. :p

Shoot it lots? (WC1)
Stay just outside its range to get torpedo lockon before making the divebombing run? (WC2)
Hide in the fighterbay and shoot it from there? (WC3)

Didn't play WC4 or WC5.


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Send in the frikken sharks with the frikken lasers stuck to their heads.

Or just send in 10 Lao Tze's and shoot it with the BFG strapped to the front.


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Go in with a coherent strike package - fighters loaded with swarm missiles, gunships with torpedoes - catch the Diomedes with its jump drive cold, swarm it to overwhelm the fighter escort, and you'll be okay. Like all capships (back to World War II) or even modern-day tanks it's an incredibly potent platform if positioned correctly and supported well but it needs cover from the fighters/infantry.

Assuming it doesn't pull in a standby squadron from a GTVA carrier or an Aeolus/Deimos tag-team to save its arse.

Most of those tricks won't work too well for various reason (shoot it lots hits the 'bigship' flag; it's hard to lock torpedoes because of AAAf; the ship will be maneuvering so the fighterbay will move). You really have to go in as a team, but it's not an ubership. Just tactically well-leveraged.

All that aside, it's a strike corvette, designed either to hit the enemy (so it wouldn't be on the defensive and you might not have a strike package ready) or to provide flank security for GTVA gunlines (in which case it has a destroyer sortieing escorts.)


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