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A note about creating new pages
I see that there were a number of modding- and SCP-related articles that were submitted without being categorized or being linked to.

These pages are called "Orphan(ed) pages." Orphan pages are ones that are on their own without any chance of finding them except for using the in-built search engine (which may not even find the page, depending on the keyword(s) that you use). You, as the writer of that article, will know the exact title of your page, so you'll be able to find it anytime by typing its title into the search engine, but anyone else (who possibly needs the information within) will  find it difficult.

Please make sure that if you submit an article, anyone will be able to find it. Use categories (by typing [[Category:<Name of the category>]] at the end of the page) and (if possible) link to it.
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