Author Topic: (oh so original) Problems with FS2open install  (Read 750 times)

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(oh so original) Problems with FS2open install
Hi everyone!

So I'm on an XP box now not the iMac, and I figured that FS2open would play nicely with this setup.

Abit NF2s v2 mobo
Athlon XP2700+
2gb Samsung 2700
Radeon X1950pro
SATA HDD for primary - booting as D:\

Now this box dual boots with Ubuntu 9.04, so there's a GRUB loader right at the start of the drive.

Because I haven't played with Tonka OS for a while, I forgot that it was stupid having an IDE drive plugged in while installing XP to a SATA drive.  The primary boot has ended up being D:\.  *THERE IS NO C:\ IN THIS SYSTEM*

FS2 is installed to D:\Games\FS2open.

I installed open AL, and told the launcher where FS2 was, clicked Apply, OK and restarted the launcher.

When I click RUN it gives me the sucky webcursor error, claiming problems with

Web cursor bitmap not found.  This is most likely due to one of three reasons:
   1) You're running FreeSpace Open from somewhere other than your FreeSpace 2 folder;
   2) You've somehow corrupted your FreeSpace 2 installation, e.g. by modifying or removing the retail VP files;
   3) You haven't installed FreeSpace 2 at all.  (Note that installing FreeSpace Open does NOT remove the need for a FreeSpace 2 installation.)
Number 1 can be fixed by simply moving the FreeSpace Open executable file to the FreeSpace 2 folder.  Numbers 2 and 3 can be fixed by installing or reinstalling FreeSpace 2.

File: 2d.cpp
Line: 1457

Call stack:

Now I've re-downloaded and re-installed many many many times before posting here.

I'm seriously considering installing my original retail set just cos I wanna kick some Shivan butt.

What I'm thinking is: does the code at any point *ASSUME* that it's running from C:\ regardless of the launcher and try to do anything that owuld give me this?  For ref, I've tried 3.6.9 as well as 3.6.10.

I even had a quick play at getting it onto my Ubuntu install, but it doesn't look that friendly.  I'm playing with Ubuntu, but I'm not a total *nix otaku, os haven't managed to follow the instructions I found.  Getting everything playing on the iMac was actually a breeze, it just didn't like the built in Ati gfx and looked kinda sucky...

Hope someone can help me!  If I didn't have a sh1t load of data that neeeeeeds to get backed up lurking about I'd just flatten the system and reinstall without IDE's installed this time and see if getting XP installed to C:\ made a difference... (don't want to have to do this!)



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Re: (oh so original) Problems with FS2open install
Install the retail FS2.   FS2_Open does not install FS2 so your problem falls under #3 of the error message. 
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Re: (oh so original) Problems with FS2open install
Yep. In addition, FS2Open does not care where it is, it checks only the directory it is in right now plus any mod directory as indicated by the -mod commandline option or a mod.ini when using the Launcher.

If reinstalling FS2 does not fix the problem, select a debug build in the Launcher, run it, then post the fs2_open.log from your data folder here.
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Re: (oh so original) Problems with FS2open install
OK! Cool, just shoving an optical drive back in th ebox to install retail!

I was discounting the option about retail install based on experience with MacOs version; for some reason I thought 'The Installer' had downloaded everything I needed.

Oh well, RTFM it is... ^_^  :rolleyes:


reading back through the error message I really can't believe I missed that.  I wonder what else I've clicked through this week? o.O