Author Topic: NOT Allowed to express a view?  (Read 1333 times)

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NOT Allowed to express a view?
My post locked? Why do u assume I was in the wrong? What the heck is this forum anyway? I was wrong about the penguin thing once. I apologised. Since then ppl have just got it in for me. I am fun and say things like: 'Letsplayletsplayletsplay'. Im enthusiastic. I mean no harm. But the abuse and sarcasm ive got in return? My god. Have a heart. Maybe I am dyxlesic? Ever thought of that one. NO.

Lock this message too please. Cos clearly this forum aint a democracy.

Jedimasterseth a.k.a FLINT


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Re: NOT Allowed to express a view?
Yes, it's not a democracy. No moderated forum ever is. You never replied to the replies in the "Bullying" thread. You have proven yourself to be incapable of entering, let alone sustaining a discussion. You have chosen to disregard all warnings and bits of advice we, the more mature people, gave you. In short, you brought this on yourself.
And whatever you are, whatever excuses you think you have, they do not give you a free pass.
Let there be light
Let there be moon
Let there be stars and let there be you
Let there be monsters and let there be pain
Let us begin to feel again
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Re: NOT Allowed to express a view?
You reported a post by a global mod and you call yourself mature?  Sorry this is getting ridiculous. 
No-one ever listens to Zathras. Quite mad, they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind. He's even grown to like it. Oh yes. -Zathras