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Nightly (Windows): 13 Sep 2009 - Revision 5593
Here is the nightly for Windows on 13 Sep 2009 - Revision 5593

MD5Sum: A67A8C10DA8F6D8D98B313EB0165A89E

Code: [Select]
r5592 | Wanderer | 2009-09-11 08:52:18
Changed paths:
   M : /trunk/fs2_open/code/ai/aigoals.cpp  
   M : /trunk/fs2_open/code/iff_defs/iff_defs.cpp  
   M : /trunk/fs2_open/code/inetfile/chttpget.cpp  
   M : /trunk/fs2_open/code/network/multi_update.cpp  
   M : /trunk/fs2_open/code/parse/lua.cpp  
   M : /trunk/fs2_open/code/stats/scoring.cpp  

fixes to various things listed in the prefast log
r5593 | prtej05 | 2009-09-12 07:43:11
Changed paths:
   M : /trunk/fs2_open/code/windows_stub/stubs.cpp  

Fix to make the stubs error function have a const parameter

And for something EXTRA special, here are SSE and SSE2 builds, NOW WITH DEBUG:

MD5Sum: BAF79CD785FA3A848365EFFDFFB1A4E1

MD5Sum: D0E3A05B28B1BAAF6C3FB761B8336CC2

Please be sure to spend some time Testing the SSE builds if you can, post on them HERE: Regarding SSE Builds

All packages also include the PDB files necessary for Debugging and posting errors, hence the different size.
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