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I swear, the Myrmidon could have been tailor made for Blue Planet.  The Balor is just teh awesomez with it.  Trebs help too.

(Does the Myrm ever get to mount trebs in retail?)


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(Does the Myrm ever get to mount trebs in retail?)

Yep, but not in the spammable amounts required in the last couple of missions in FS2 retail.  :P


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I wouldn't consider 26 Trebuchets (on a Mara) as being "spammable", you know. Even on an Ares, I run out of Trebs all the time. :p
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My ship was a kulas carriing maxims and 6 Trebs,Alpha took down the cruisers and Beta the fighters.
Search the cruiser´s beams and order destroy this subsystem and they´ll destroy all beams on it.
Specially my work is it to take down bombers and the Beams of the Ravana. I can shoot as i see the Ravana  :nod:
If i can´t model any ship then i use "flying trains" :-)


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Here's a nice tip to skip all sort of missions without using cheating and stuff, by the way:
 - Switch difficulty to insane
 - Set time compression to 64x
 - Click 4 times on "Restart the mission"
 - Click on "Advance to the next mission" :°

It's really handy on buggued missions too (i recall one in Sync, one in StL...)

... And, was the problems with trebuchet from the .10 version ?
I hope it's solved... Because like i said before, i couldn't hit the turrets properly without coming close enough :( (or they would get to half HP because of the Treb's shockwave)


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The last two times I played it, my Trebs didn't have any problems (that is in the 3.6.12 version with all enabled mods, in case it matters).


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It's fixed in 3.6.12.