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The game loads and runs without any trouble but the graphics (everywhere across the game, be it during cutscenes, briefing and/or cockpit) look like they are corrupted - everything appears in 4 colours or less.

I'm running FS2_open without the media vp's.

I had this exact same problem with Wing Commander 4 (wasn't able to solve it, either).

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my graphics card (ATI 4850) because I've managed to play it with this same setup but on a different computer... Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Oh, I'd post a screenshot if only someone tells me how to get one!


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Screenshots can be produced by pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard. If you look into the screenshots directory in your FS2 folder, there will be a .tga file in there. On Windows Vista or 7 you may have to click on the "Compatibility files" button in the explorer window to see this folder.

What you can and should also do is run a debug build, and post the fs2_open.log from your data folder here.
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Offline wayreth

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Sorry for the "noobishness" but how, exactly, do I run a debug build?



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Select the exe ending with d in the launcher.
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