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[Solved] FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
Hey !

I'm getting some problems on another mission, and i though you guys may be able to figure out what's wrong.
The mission is well... i don't know it's name, but it's the one after first sighting Hades, where you must protect a station. (It's a Red Alert one, too)

First of all, loading took really long time the first time i tried to launch the mission, then just average time
Then once i launch the mission, i get some graphical bugs or whatever :
 - The HUD appears and disappears
 - There is some big ship in front of me when mission start, which looks like the Hades. However, i can't target it, and it tends to disappears and reappears too
 - The game's really laggy
 - After some seconds (around 30), the screen freeze, and everything stop working... Well, except the music. I've experienced such things already from overheating, but that usually totally crash the computer (whereas here Ctrl-Alt-Backspace restarts X correctly, but it needs ~15 seconds to work)

I'm using FSPort 3.1.1, and the 3.6.10 Final (nightly build turned up to give some problems on some missions)
For now, i haven't got problems with FSPort standard campaign and STR (except one, which made me take the 3.6.10 instead of a nightly build)

Then, if you have a clue on why this is crashing, tell me :p
Thanks in advance !

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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
I assume you're also using the FSPort media VPs. It sounds like your computer isn't powerful enough to handle the Karnak.

Can you post your system specifications please? (Make sure you're running FSO in OpenGL mode, too.)
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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
(Make sure you're running FSO in OpenGL mode, too.)
3.6.10 builds (and newer) still select OpenGL regardless of what the Launcher might say about the subject. And there'd be more severe problems if Firatrix managed to use Direct3D with his Linux distro.

Anycase, system specs wouldn't hurt. Neither would an fs2_open.log. Run 3.6.10 Final debug (I've heard that debug builds exist also in the world of Linux), then find the fs2_open.log file that was generated by the debug build. I can't remember where they end up on Linux, but it'll surely pop up somewhere.
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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
Wtf ? I'm just getting a crash when launching the debug one :

Quote from: My crappy computer
[email protected]:~/Jeux/FreeSpace$ ./fs1-str_launcher
Unrecognized command line parameter "-jpgtga".  Ignoring...
Future debug output directed to: /home/firartix/.fs2_open/data/fs2_open.log
ASSERTION FAILED: "size > 0" at windows_stub/stubs.cpp:626
** Fatal error : Error while running "/home/firartix/Jeux/FreeSpace/fs2_open" with arguments "-spec -env -glow -mipmap -missile_lighting -jpgtga -3dwarp -warp_flash -orbradar -ambient_factor 35 -ogl_spec 20 -spec_exp 15 -spec_point 1.2 -spec_static 1.5 -spec_tube 1.5 -mod /fsport_str,/fsport_mediavps,/fsport,/mediavps" (134)

As for the ./fs1-str_launcher thing, it's because i use some premade script..
Maybe some of the option make the game crash or whatever ?

And by the way, i don't think my computer is that bad, i mean, games like WoW and Supreme Commander works without problem (except 0.25 IPS during big fights, i guess xD). Is that kraken ship that big o_O ?


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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
I looked at the debug file and it ends with this :

Quote from: The cool debug file
Loading model 'Karnak.pof'
IBX: Found a good IBX to read for 'Karnak.pof'.
IBX-DEBUG => POF checksum: 0x87722419, IBX checksum: 0xd68dbffe -- "Karnak.pof"
Potential problem found: Unrecognized type subsystem 'door-in1', believed to be in ship Karnak.pof
ASSERTION: "size > 0" at stubs.cpp:626
(here's the full debug:

BTW, I'm having problems with FS2 Main Campaign, maybe it's related to that crash ?
When i try starting it says 2 ships models are missing.
When i continue using some of the new nightly debug, the training mission works correctly, until it says to go to full speed... where nothing happen o_O'
When i continue using the 3.6.10, the game just crash indicating it can't find fighter04.pof
I don't understand where is this coming from, since i installed both FS2 Data & the VPs (the data/ and mediavps/ folders are full "usefull" things, at least)

Did i do something wrong ?

Edit: I looked a bit more at the debug file, and it says a lot of things are invalid :
Quote from: The same debug file
Wokka!  Error opening file (interface.tbl)!
WMCGUI: Unable to parse 'interface.tbl'!  Error code = 5.

Wokka!  Error opening file (armor.tbl)!
TABLES: Unable to parse 'armor.tbl'!  Error code = 5.

Ships.tbl is : INVALID!!!!
Weapons.tbl is : INVALID!!!!

Frame  0 too long!!: frametime = 0.738 (0.738)

Frame  0 too long!!: frametime = 0.275 (0.275)

Edit 2 : Maaan.. i forgot specs.
Well, afaik it uses an AMD Sempron 3000+ and the GC is a GeForce 7600 GS
Running Ubuntu 8.04
I tried looking on KInfoCenter but can't find much more <_<'
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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
The log tells the problem alright...
the invalid and wokka errors you said are normal, but here is what is wrong
Code: [Select]
Found root pack '/home/firartix/Jeux/FreeSpace/fsport-cardinalspear-voice.vp' with a checksum of 0x5a96afe0
Found root pack '/home/firartix/Jeux/FreeSpace/fsport-cardinalspear.vp' with a checksum of 0x3b0f1832
Found root pack '/home/firartix/Jeux/FreeSpace/Homesick.vp' with a checksum of 0xe7137285

those should be in their own folders!!!! not in freespace folder, get them into freespace/cardinal spear and freespace/homesick 

if you leave them where they are, the game will load them and cause all kind of funky errors like you have seen already!
Signed, me


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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
Discussing with mura, i deleted cache several times,
and also installed the missing VPs patch.

Although the FS2 campaign is working now, i'm still having problems on that FSPort STR mission.

Here's the updated log:
It's all about DDS, IDX, unrecognized subsystems, null momentum vectors, and strange other vector problems.

Anyway, if anyone can find anything about this, please tell me
I really would like to finish that STR campaign, and well... just be able to finally solve this è_é

Thanks in advance :]


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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
Code: [Select]
Initializing OpenGL graphics device at 1024x840 with 16-bit color...
Weirdest. Resolution. Ever. Please set it to 32 bits of colour depth.

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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
In addition to the recommended color depth change...

Seeing that you hit vecmat (vector math reporting that used normal vector magnitude was not 1) issues with FS Port i would recommend that you should use r builds instead of d builds (as that problem is not a fatal one) - or use new builds where this issue is fixed. Or rather where the game engine was made to fix that particular model related bug - karnak model has some mysterious issues.
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Re: FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
As for the color depth, my PC tends to freeze using 32 bits colors. This is probably because of overheating, because i already had this happening on some games. Is it that important? I mean, aren't basic freespace settings 16 bits ?
What should i put for the resolution ? I wasn't sure of what to write there then i just put an almost-random value (oops.)

BTW, i tried on the standard build, and it's working fine.
Look like i was missing the VPs patch uh ? <_<'
Anyway, thanks for your help !


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Re: [Solved] FSPort STR : Graphical Problems & Crashes
For the resolution, using your monitors' native resolution is recommended.

The colour depth..... I don't actually know if this still is true, but there were some issues when the desktop colour depth and game colour depth were differing from each other.
If I'm just aching this can't go on
I came from chasing dreams to feel alone
There must be changes, miss to feel strong
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