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Emearon mini-campaign release.
You will find the campaign vp here

EDIT: This link was updated January 7th

The rar includes two readme files. Just unrar the vp into you main TBP folder.
EDIT:I also included an update file with the changes I will be making.

The Campaign includes both Multi and Single player versions. It was made with multiplayer in mind so the missions are short and uncomplicated, tied up together with a basic storyline. It is also made for casual players so you wont need awesome skills to finish it :P
I'm also using an alternate timeline so dont look for tie ups to B5 cannon.


Campaign modes: Single and Multi
Playable Race:Earth Alliance
Campaign Style: Linear, No Dynamic Mission Carry Elements.
Total Missions:8
Playable Missions:7
Playtime:2hours 30 approx
Playstyle:For Casual Players.
Requirements:3.6.10Inf build and Zathras mod activated.
Status:Beta, I playtested on my own as much as I could but that's about it.

If you like it or not post your feedback with suggestions.
Have fun playing.
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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Downloaded and updated the campaign list. 
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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
I'm getting this now. You can never have too many campaigns :yes:
Campaigns I've added my distinctiveness to-
- Blue Planet: Battle Captains
-Battle of Neptune
-Between the Ashes 2
-Blue planet: Age of Aquarius
-Inferno R1
-Ribos: The aftermath / -Retreat from Deneb
-Sol: A History
-TBP EACW teaser
-Earth Brakiri war
-TBP Fortune Hunters (I think?)
-TBP Relic
-Trancsend (Possibly?)
-Uncharted Territory
-Vassagos Dirge
-War Machine
(Others lost to the mists of time and no discernible audit trail)

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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Plenty of more to come hopefully, just gimme some feedback guys, even if you hate it.

I'll never learn my strong/weak points unless ppl tell me about them. Help a new fredder spread his wings and other cheesy lines etc...

Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
FYI: Updated the link, i've added loading screens, and made minor corrections to missions.


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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
I really like this campaign, and hope you will make more in the future. I saw you made a demo for a new campaign, and as soon i've completed this I'm gonna try that one out.

Now i've finshed your campaign and I couldn't see any apparant bugs. Since I'm a newbee to TBP and Freespace in genral I've played it on easyest setting and still found sevreal missions to be hard, atleast compared to some of teh others I've palyed. But I really enjoyed the challenge, and really liked the story. Good work and thanks for such great campaign.  :nod:
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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
hey thnx for the vote of confidence :V sry i took so long to respond i've been really busy in real life, i barely log here.

About the difficulty, i initially made this campaign to be multiplayer, so if you played single player yeah i've ballanced it so that you'll probably just get partial victories, it's my indirect way of forcing you to go multi for total success :V. Also i'm a more casual player, so when making the missions, i made them to be challenging on easy and/or medium difficulties. hard setting makes AI fighters very annoying imo >_>

And yes my original goal was to spam mini-campaigns for multiplayer but my TBP desided to stop working on multi halfway into the second one i was making, i have no way to test/ballance it anymore.

when i manage to find time again and if i cant fix my mutliplayer issue i'll just keep making them for single player, i'm still working on stories so i got  lots comming your way hopefully :D


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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Some Feedback

- music score ?
- Disabling Energy mines takes too much time
- Solid briefings
- Seems to be fairly balanced
- BattleOfEndor effect someplace...

Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Here's my speedy reply >.>

-i suck at choosing music scores

-It's ment to be mutliplayer so energy mines should not take that long, in single player i'd settle with partial victory

-thnx, put a lot of effort for the briefings to take the bulk of storytelling

-thnx again, ballancing it turned out to be easier than i thought, looks like Earth/Narn are easy to ballance, i had huge problems ballancing other fleets to the point of frustration

-I consider being compared with the battle of endor hugely flattering :V

Sry for not being around guys, my real life desided to go ludicrous speed past months and it's not looking like it's gonna get any better soon

Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
I tried to add this with my new install using Zathras 2.6 and 3.6.18 and the campaign does not show up.  So not sure what is wrong.


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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Try putting the .vp file inside its very own directory in the TBP folder if you haven't already.  I looked inside the .vp file and there doesn't seem to be anything that would conflict with another mod.

Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
I placed the vp file into its own folder and added "-mod Emearon" to the Custom Flags.

Okay lets back up a bit. Should this show up under the Campaign list or the Tech Mission section? Also what is the name it shows up as?


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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Sounds like you're doing the install just right.  This should show up in the Campaign list.

But I just tried it myself and am not seeing it there.  Am looking into it right now.


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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
That was weird.  So I extracted the campaign file, gave it a shorter name, and now it shows up.  I attached the new file to this post.  Just extract the contents to the folder the .vp file is in and it should show up.  Note this is for the single player version. I don't know if the MP version has the same problem.

[attachment deleted by ninja]

Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
I drop the file into the same folder and it still does not show up.


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Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Did you drop the data/missions folder itself into the Emearon directory?  If you drop just the .fc2 file it won't work right.

Re: Emearon mini-campaign release.
Okay I tried this

../Emearon/data/missions/Emearon Incident.fc2

That works... the campaign shows up.

I have not got into multiplayer yet so no idea if it works.