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Re: Nightly (Windows): 19 Jan 2010 - Revision 5828
Keldor's new build worked.  I've tested by parenting the text gauges in my tbm to their appropriate image gauges, and also by testing out the table/ANI in the mantis ticket.
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Re: Nightly (Windows): 19 Jan 2010 - Revision 5828
Alright, I'll post the patch file for this in Mantis.

Re: Nightly (Windows): 19 Jan 2010 - Revision 5828
I just provided a final patch for this. Now percentage and size should work fine also. Also custom child gauge positioning might have been buggy before. That should be fixed now also. Talon confirmed the correct functionality.

Edit: Oh yeah btw... I know I'm somehow considered to be the big asshole in this forum, but MAYBE someone might think about saying something like "thanks, appreciated" to people who provide code and bugfixes without being on the team and without really having the time for it instead of telling that person how much '****' he's providing.
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Re: Nightly (Windows): 19 Jan 2010 - Revision 5828
I made a comment about how I think the $Default res stuff has worked before in the ticket, please check that out.
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Re: Nightly (Windows): 19 Jan 2010 - Revision 5828
I didn't change any $Default: behavior.