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Other campaigns in FSO
I am just wondering how to get the plethora of missions and campaigns to show up in FSO.  I did a clean install of FS2, patched, then downloaded and installed all 3 parts of the Offline installer.  Then I installed the  Campaign Pack 2.0.  Everything installed with no errors that I noticed.  Game starts and runs beautifully.  No noticeable issues in the game whatsoever.  The only thing is, I don't see any other missions in the simulator, nor do I see any other campaigns in the Campaigns section of FS2 (in-game).  The FS2 folder shows all the folders of each campaign in there fine, but not showing in-game.  I read as much as I could, but didn't notice anything specific to my situation.  Am I missing something simple here, like a prerequisite patch or something?

brief Specs:
Windows 7 64-bit
nVidia GTX 295
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Re: Other campaigns in FSO
You need to select the campaign folders as mods in the Launcher. Otherwise they will not work.

Word of advice: Do not use the same pilot file for multiple campaigns. Create a new one for each.
Otherwise, you run the risk of pilot file corruption, which will manifest in strange behaviour.
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Re: Other campaigns in FSO
Sounds easy enough.  Thanks for the pilot tip.
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