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[Solved] What to do with data2 and data3 folders?
I got my copy of FS2 from GOG and installed FSO using the manual method. It says I have to transfer the .mve files from the data2 and data3 folders someplace else because FSO can't read them from there and I did that and the game works perfectly fine. However, there are remaining files in those two folders and I'm wondering if I can delete them since the instructions did say that FSO can't read the files from there and I've also noticed that they have the exact same files placed outside of those folders and into the main install directory. I could use the extra space.

This is what the folders look like

I tried temporarily removing those folders and the game seems to still run fine (I just tried one mission, really) but I'm wondering if doing this will cause any problems in the future.
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Re: What to do with data2 and data3 folders?
You can move the files in those directories back to the main FS2 dir, overwriting the base FS2 files if necessary. Other than that, deleting them should not be an issue.
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Re: What to do with data2 and data3 folders?
Yeah, I'd assume they're files from disks 2 and 3, respectively. tango1, tango2, tango3 and warble are required files but they're already in \freespace2\ so you can remove them from \data2\ and \data3\ . tangoA and tangoB are actually empty so they won't do any good anywhere.

If you are unsure, you can of course leave them where they are. The game will work. It's only the cutscenes that are problematic, as the FSO game engine won't read \data2\ and \data3\ . (Unless they're used as mod folders.)
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Re: What to do with data2 and data3 folders?
Oh, okay then. Thanks for the help.