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Interesting discussion from #hard-light
20:52:47   Useful_Dave: UEF, D'awww
20:52:58   Useful_Dave: A culture in a basket.
20:53:14   Useful_Dave: Too bad GTVA tore the side out the basket.
20:53:18   *** DarthGeek|AFK is now known as DarthGeek
20:53:33   DarthGeek: yeah too bad your imperialism knows no bounds, frakking Tev
20:53:42   Ravenholme: I hate to say it, but I support the GTVA
20:54:37   DarthGeek: you want our entire existence to be destroyed by war, then. 'Cause there's no way we're getting out of this little Shivan problem by use of military force.
20:54:52   DarthGeek: Funny that you're the ones who have seen what the Shivans can really do :/
20:55:03   Useful_Dave: Why do you think the GTVA wanted ETAK so much?
20:55:52   Ravenholme: Human Isolationism isn't going to work either, the solar system's resources are limited, and they will run out eventually
20:56:25   Ravenholme: And to be honest, the Vishnans. Beware aliens bearing gifts. When the time comes to repay, you're not going to like it
20:56:39   Useful_Dave: What surprises me is the lack of slowboats/coms to Sol.
20:57:21   DarthGeek: Useful_Dave: there's really no evidence for GTVA travel at near-c speeds, so it would probably be impractical
20:58:05   Useful_Dave: Bleugh, subspace.
20:58:10   Useful_Dave: Its like wormholes.
20:58:14   Useful_Dave: The cheap way out :P
20:58:34   DarthGeek: Ravenholme: all the more reason we need to be focusing on a diplomatic solution. If the Vishnans can modify a jump node to lead to an alternate dimension, what else will they do?
20:59:16   Useful_Dave: "Oh, hostile universe full of demons?"
20:59:18   Useful_Dave: [lobs fusion bomb]
20:59:19   Useful_Dave: "Wait, they're still staggering around in the ruins! Throw in another one!"
20:59:25   Ravenholme: I support a diplomatic solution with the Shivans, but the Shivans are a known quantity, they want to exterminate us for some reason. The Vishnans are an unknown, and that makes me nervous
20:59:39   Ravenholme: Saying that they want to help us is all very well, but why?
20:59:58   DarthGeek: fact of the matter is though, trying to defend ourselves by force won't really work
20:59:59   Useful_Dave: 'Because they're showing that can they can friendly, d'awwww'
21:00:14   Ravenholme: And yeah, the Salvation war. Just because God shows up at the door with a box of chocolates, doesn't mean we shouldn't shoot him for everything he's done
21:00:21   Useful_Dave: And yet, they didn't even think of saving the original GTVA formation?
21:01:07   DarthGeek: you mean GTA?
21:01:25   DarthGeek: yeah, one thing I wondered about is the extent that universe is removed from 'ours'
21:01:32   Useful_Dave: The ad-hoc one towards the end of FS2, both human/vasudan
21:01:35   Useful_Dave: *FS1
21:02:12   DarthGeek: was it one crucial element in the Battle of Deneb that they interfered in, or did the Vishnans and Shivans have much different roles in the entire Great War?
21:02:28   DarthGeek: and I wonder how much of this will be revealed/elaborated on in WiH


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Re: Interesting discussion from #hard-light
Surprised you haven't added the rest, even though my mind began to break down shortly after that due to lack of sleep.
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