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Regarding multiplayer co-op campaign...

I made an account just for this question;

Can you select and choose any of the missions from the multiplayer co-op campaign to start with? I.E: my friend and I go through 4 missions in freespace 2 multiplayer, is it possible to start from the 5th mission, and not start all over again from the 1st mission?



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Re: Regarding multiplayer co-op campaign...
AFAIK, no. You have to play through each campaign file in one sitting, as there is no progress saving for multiplayer campaigns (which is why the retail campaign is separated into 2 or 3 campaign files).
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Re: Regarding multiplayer co-op campaign...
Dammit, that's gonna be a pain in the ass when my friend suddenly drops out. Is there anyway to join back into the game after he disconnects?




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Re: Regarding multiplayer co-op campaign...
All multiplayer missions show up in the list no matter if they are campaign or not so you can start with mission 15 if you want.  You will have to check and see where special missions are to play those in the right order. 
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