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User/Password issue in-game
Is the first time i tried a multiplayer game so i decided to do it by the book. I read the tutorial in this forum and i followed it to the letter. When i get to the point I click the main gate to enter, the game tells me that "login failed"
Then i went to the irc and after several tries the account i used to logon doesn´t work. I revised everything to find the problem and mura suggested it could be the capital letter in the username (Samsagax). So i created a new account w no caps (s4m). And it worked!
I think is a problem in the way the game access user/pass in the server.
The thing is the username w capitals wont work at all and the other works.

Then mura asked me to post this and here i am. A nice thing to resolve in next generations of this wonderfull game.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to revive the greatest game ever ;)


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Re: User/Password issue in-game
Wakka Wakka Wakka.
Glad it works.


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Re: User/Password issue in-game
Issue has been mantised and the tutorial got a new note about usernames, I hope this gets resolved as it seems this is not the first time it happens, let's see what happens ;D
Signed, me


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Re: User/Password issue in-game
I haven't been able to find a problem with user names yet.  But there are plenty of people who have registered in the past couple of months and been playing without issue who have upper case letters in there names.  So the problem is obviously not that simple.  I'm still going to see if I can find something weird going on, but so far everything appears to be working perfectly fine.

@Samsagax:  The reason that your original user name came back invalid is because you haven't activated it yet.  All accounts are inactive until the activation email link has been clicked, at which point that user name is available for use in the game.  If you still want to use the original account then activate it via the original registration email.  If you don't still have that email then log in via the FS2NetD website, click on your name, click on "Resend Login Info", enter the email address that you registered with and click "Resend Login".  That will resend the authorization email to you which you can use to activate the account.



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Re: User/Password issue in-game
Well it is always possible the whole thing is coincidence.  It doesn't work on the first try so they get help and due to previous incorrect results are told lower case and additional instructions which result in a valid login. 
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