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Second composition: Calm Dancer
Hi all

Today I've finished the work on my second track which I gave the name Calm Dancer, because it fits the relaxed style. As I did it with the last song Where Hope Dies I also used the Magix Music Maker 12 here, because it's an easy to use tool for composing music like this. This time the song isn't that much epic as the last was. It's smooth, relaxed and calm, hence the title of the track. In my opinion it's a good song for sector background music in Freespace or other space games such as X.

Link (own webspace): Belisarius - Calm Dancer

Formate: MP3
Length: 3:50 Min
Filesize: 5,28 MB
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s

Same as the last time I wish you much fun while listening and hoope you will comment as much as possible. :)

If you want to use this song for own projects, please ask me first.

Re: Second composition: Calm Dancer
Hmm, good and easy listening, indeed :yes:

Perhaps a bit too easy listening for FS (which usually uses more tense music), but of course FS is not the only place where you can use music :)

Re: Second composition: Calm Dancer
It reminds me of subspace. I could imagine listening to this while approaching the lucifer in subspace.


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Re: Second composition: Calm Dancer
* Androgeos Exeunt has a listen.
* Androgeos Exeunt would like to insert a joke about the NTF having good musicians here.
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