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Conclusive is tragically the wrong word.

As for FS2 capships being better defended ....apart from AAA, meh at that comment completely, even regarding AAA, lmao.

FS1s Graphics in several places were actually better than FS2s. I also much prefered a lot of FS1s music to FS2s.

....Capships harder to kill? Hecate = 20~ seconds in a solo bomber.
The only decently defended destroyer in the game is the vacuum cleaner, and the only other decent ship is the Deimos, both similarly loller to a maxim/helios combo.

Nevermind the suspension of disbelief destroying massive failure tag.
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I liked FS1 more than FS2.
It had a better story and better atmosphere, plus it didn't had unresolved plot lines that FS2 is riddled with.


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FS1 felt lengthier too, and I like that in a weird way.

The music's easier to stitch up, too. :p
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