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Need some help with Retail Install
Alright, I have original cds for FS2, and have recently decided to try and play a great space-fighter, and its one of the best. When I mentioned this to a friend, he directed me here for the Open project, and everything that has been done. So now I definitely want to get it up and running with everything. Here's the problem, FS2 won't install. The disks are clean and in great condition, but the setup does nothing, it just sits in my task manager at a constant 1,962 kb mem usage, and no cpu usage. I am running Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium, Dual-core cpu (intel), and 4 g of ram.

I click the autorun .exe, nothing, setup.exe, nothing.

I disabled all virus protection software, and nothing.

I changed my graphic settings, and nothing.

I have updated all drivers on my computer, and have changed the compatibility modes on all .exe files on disk 1 to all the possible settings, and nothing.

Then I checked the 'run as admin' box, and went through all the compatibility modes again, and nothing.

I tried installing on a much older computer, just barely able to run FS2, and the install starts up fine.

I would like to try and use FSOpen, the MediaVPs, and all these mods, but if I can't even install FS2 then that is not going to happen. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have looked all over online, and everyone says FS2 installs fine on Vista, and compatibility mode, so it seems odd that mine won't even open or start up.


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Re: Need some help with Retail Install
That's weird.

You can either pay $6 to get a DRM-free copy off GoodOldGames, or you can just copy onto another computer, put the install on a hard drive or flash drive, and move it over.


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Re: Need some help with Retail Install
In the end, running the installer is not necessary, strictly speaking. Just find a program to extract the vp files from the cabs on disc 1, and copy the other files from the disc into an empty directory (EXCEPT the TangoA and TangoB vps. Those are useless.).
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Re: Need some help with Retail Install
The installer on the disks will not run under 64-bit Windows for some reason.

As The E says, the only bits you actually need for FS2 Open are the VPs - I copied them over from my old WinXP machine.


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Re: Need some help with Retail Install
Thanks for the advice, I will try some of these. Just found it weird because a friend said he got his to install on Vista 64-bit with no problems.