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Since the team is busy with WiH2 I though to try and make the glide mod from Furys 3.6.12 feature pack for BP AoA DC work for WiH too.
And it turned out to be easier than I though. I just had to take the old table file, put in the names of the new fighters and copy/paste 6 lines below each (and 20 minutes of useless fiddling in the ships tables, before I noticed I put the new entries below #END :doubt: ).

Anyway, with this mini-mod all the ships that could glide in AoA (with feature pack) and all the new fighters, bombers and gunships except the Scimitar can now glide (assuming you set a button up for it in the options). I left out the Scimitar because I though a civilian fighter from the days of the TV war shouldn't have this "new" goodie.

So far I've played through the first two missions without a hitch. The AI handled it fine as well (especially those pesky Pegasi in mission 1).
But be warned! This mod might change mission balance!
And it isn't officially supported.
And again just in case: You need to set up a button for "glide while pressed" in the options! "Toggle glide" is mapped to alt+g by default.

Credit goes of course to Fury, who made the original glide mod, which I only extended a little bit by copying and pasting lines.

And here is the Link: The file is gigantic 46 kB big, so beware 56k users :P
The archive includes the following files:
 mod.ini - linking the mini-mod with bp2, bp1 and mediaVP_3612 folders and setting up text and the logo in the launcher.
 bp-3612-glide-shp.tbm - this file is what unlocks the gliding for the ships.
 bp-velindc-sct.tbm - enables an indicator that shows the direction in which your ships currently flies. If that bothers you, just delete or move this file.
and the three URLs and logo bitmap from the original BP2 folder.

To run it, just put the blueplanet2-glide folder into your root FS2 directory as it is and then select it in the launcher as current mod.

Have fun with your strafing runs  :cool:


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Cool man, thanks!  :yes:
I'll try that out (with a fresh pilot file).

Gliding and reverse thrust, fun times are ahead!
Speaking of which, now where do I put the "Glide when pressed" button on my stick?   :confused:
The one I previously used came in so handy for the reverse thrust...


Offline Madcat

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Well, it works!  :yes:

Now, on M1 I had the first wave of Tev fighters cripple the freighter Argent Mist to 7% before I even came into shooting range. Then the Maxim bombers ate it for lunch.
On the second try the first wave even destroyed the Argent Mist immediately. So much for mission balance... apparently Tevs have much more fun gliding than me.  :lol:


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That's odd... for me it was the other way round. On my first playthrough the Artemis chewed through the Medical frigate like nothing, but on second palythrough with glide mod, I managed to save all transports and the medical ship, though that one left through the gate with just 1% hull.